About Us

Brand creation background:
The founder of the JALATV brand is a fashion enthusiast named Alia Hansen. She has always had a passion and dream for fashion, hoping to provide every woman with customized fashion samples to deliver "make you happy" fashion concept. Alia Hansen is a woman of creativity and determination who believes fashion can be a means of expression for people, no matter their appearance, age or body shape.
development stage:
The JALATV brand was born in Texas, USA in 2016. At that time, it was just a small fashion studio, founded by Alia Hansen alone. In its early days, the brand focused on hand embroidery and hand-painted printing, as well as customized positioning. However, as time went by, JALATV gradually won the love of more women, and the demand for the brand grew rapidly. By November 2022, JALATV will officially enter the e-commerce website to provide high-quality fast fashion women's clothing to women around the world.
Main product categories:
JALATV focuses on fast fashion women's clothing, featuring unique embroidered lace fabrics and hand-painted prints. Our clothes are not only stylish, but also comfortable and functional. Our designs are diverse and include a variety of sizes and shapes to ensure every woman can find a style that suits them. Plus, we don’t overlook the little details in our designs, like who doesn’t love pockets?
Final vision and goals:
JALATV’s ultimate vision is to become synonymous with women’s fashion, allowing every woman to find fashion choices that suit her. We are committed to creating beautiful, confident and desirable fashion for women with quality and attention to detail. Through our brand, we hope to connect women of all ages and sizes, allowing them to share their personality and style. At the same time, we also firmly believe in the importance of sustainable fashion, and we are committed to producing and promoting fashion products in a sustainable way to make positive contributions to the environment and society.
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